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Bespoke enamel lapel pins custom made for the Walt Disney Co

Enamel Lapel Pins – Walt Disney Co

EMEA commissioned Bespoke Logos on behalf of Walt Disney to make their branded design into some high quality enamel lapel pins. The intricate detailed badge design was quite clever in the way all components symbolised Walt Disney is a global brand that diversifies and is connected to many business sectors.

The design was made up of a two tone blue coloured enamel globe, mickey mouse, EMEA (Europe , Middle East, Africa) and the following industries the Walt Disney Co operates: Global security operations, Studio entertainment, Media networks and Consumer products.

These hard enamel lapel pins were given a manly make over using dark masculine enamels which were given out to all Disney security staff across the world for branding purposes.

Company History

The Disney company is an American owned multinational, mass media and entertainment institution that was founded by brothers Walt and Ry Disney. Disney made it’s name in the animation industry before diversifying into the production of feature films,TV, theme parks and resorts.

The company expanded to operate different divisions such as the Disney store, Walt Disney productions and Walt Disney Studios.

In 1923 Walt Disney created its first short film entitled Alice’s Wonderland in Kansas city, then moved to Hollywood to join forces with his brother Roy, in the same year they formed Disney cartoon studios where they created their first cartoon character Oswald the rabbit, unfortunately this didn’t take off due to contractual issues so they revived the company by inventing a mouse character named Mortimer in 1928, this mouse was later re-named as Mickey.

In 1932 they made cartoons in colour and the famous film Snow white and the seven dwarfs was created in 1935. In 1950 Cinderella was made, in 1951 Alice in wonderland film arrived then along came peter pan in 1953.

In 1965 Disney World was launched and sadly a year later Walt died, however he did luckily supervise the film we all love and still know today by the name of The jungle book which was released in 1966. Disney has since grown into one of worlds largest and successful brands throughout many sectors of business.

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