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Android enamel lapel pins

Enamel Lapel Badges For Nokia & Android

We manufactured twenty two thousand of these stunning Android enamel lapel badges which were to be given away during the world mobile congress trade show 2017 in Barcelona to raise awareness for Nokias new smart mobile phones incorporating Google’s latest Android software.

Brand Fuel, a creative marketing agency commissioned Bespoke Logos on behalf of Nokia who are now in partnership with Google Android to manufacture five different enamel lapel badges which were made with the Android character holding a Nokia mobile, the pins were made with a gradient of skin tone coloured hard enamel and black nickel plated metal to promote the well known motto of connecting people.

Nokia announced the launch of its new smartphones during the event which included the Nokia 5 and a Nokia 6, the Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 should be released this summer meaning that Nokia is making a major comeback into the mobile world.

With the ever anticipated rumours of Nokia’s re-release of the classic retro 3310 we all grew to love for it’s iconic snake game and extra long life battery power will be released at some point this year which is sure to make people take notice of Nokia’s developments considering this retro styled model will have a modern makeover and software to stay current.

Nokia used to be the worlds largest mobile phone companies which always stood out from the crowd with it’s build quality and advanced features but with the emergence of iPhone and Android smartphones and in 2011 Nokia limited itself to only making Windows phones meant the brand fell below the waste side. In 2014, Nokia’s products and services was sold to Microsoft. In 2016, HMD Global purchased part of Microsoft’s  mobile business and is licensed to produce smartphones under the Nokia brand name.

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